Speaking and Workshops

Rebecca has the gift of inspiring and deeply connecting with audiences large or small. Her honesty, humor and vulnerability are a powerful force as she shares her life lessons, challenges and bottom line strategies for success. Her ability to weave the experiential, experiencing and deep learning is a rare find in the world of presenting. Her presentations motivate and influence audiences greatly.

No matter the audience

As a professional speaker, facilitator and performer I have presented in front of audiences of 10 to 1,000. No matter the size I approach each presentation with the same goal:

To educate, inspire, engage and connect people to their own authenticity and wisdom.

Leadership Trainings

The following can be presented as a key-note a 1-3 hour Speaking Engagement or a mini-workshop

CHANGE™: How to bend not break. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? According to FORTUNE Magazine, you have to possess 2 characteristics to survive in this millennium: flexibility and adaptability. If you are rigid you break and things fall apart. I always say “be the willow not the oak. It is better to bend than break.” Discover how to best adapt and cope with change. Integrate the 3 key strategies to build resiliency and agility in the face of radical growth and change. Discover how to identify minor changes that have a major impact on immediate and sustained success. Learn to identify moments of change before the s#*+ hits the fan and put strategies in place to become proactive not reactive.  The key is to change before you have to. “Bend don’t break.”

INNOVATE™: Co-creation not Consensus. “Innovation isn’t a person or a process. It’s a culture of curiosity that must be integrated into everything you do.” Greg Bell High performing innovative teams are the apex of a successful organization in the 21st Century marketplace, but all leaders know that it is easier said than done. In this session we explore the “what if” quotient and the action steps to take to shift the mindset that inhibits high level team innovation and break open the flow of creativity. We learn the 3 components to build teams that are committed to a common vision and co-create effective out of the box solutions. Leave with a blueprint for consistently stronger innovation, collaboration and performance.

Conscious Leadership™: Why mindfulness matters at work. Intentional Action, self-other awareness and decision making from a place of wisdom. In this session we will uncover what this means and why it is imperative for company success. We will garner hands on strategies and take away tools to build our intuition and wisdom, remain grounded not flattened in the face of high stakes situations and create space for deep knowing and understanding in life and work.

The Illuminated Leader™: What does it take to be a great leader? This is for People who are currently in a leadership role, have been promoted to a leadership role, or have been targeted for future advancement. Discover the top 5 characteristics of an awakened leader. They are not what you think. Learn the strategy to graft these qualities into your own Leadership DNA. Learn the action steps to awaken the “leadershift” throughout your teams and organizations.

My BFF is an Elephant™: In this session we learn how to have those difficult conversations about that elephant in the room. How to be courageous and caring in the face of adversity. How to open the space and shift the energy for difficult conversations to navigate with ease. What to do and how to stay grounded when having those difficult conversation. Learn the 4 part action steps to take to see you through difficult conversations in a totally different way with totally different results.

Self Transformation

One Tweak Away From Greatness™:  Making minor changes for major impact. After years of coaching and therapizing individuals and groups I noticed that some of the biggest aha’s come at the most mundane moment’s. Some of the most epic growth happens in the smallest of gestures.

Get Your Fears in Order™: When we are able to become friends with our fears only then can we alchemize the dismantling effect they have on our lives.  We explore the 5 key strategies to moving fear to a place of informing our lives not dismantling our lives.

Quantum Stillness™: Sitting in the depth of our own being, feeling our essence on a cellular level and building our tolerance for absolute stillness and inner awareness.  Once we build our tolerance for stillness, subtlety and sensing we can begin to transform that which has been stifled.

Classroom Transformation

The Mindful Classroom™: We explore and learn strategies for creating a classroom culture of self lead and servant leadership. Concrete tools will be experienced and implemented to build students that are calm, caring and creative.

Contagious Creativity™: Lets envision a classroom where all students are excited about learning.  They are self motivated and excited about motivating each other.  Where dreams and ideas bubble up and spill out all over your classroom.