In the post-industrial economy, ideas and great minds often provide far greater return on investment than any other resources or capital investments. Marvin Ammori

Minding Your Company™

I work with high level leaders and their team’s who are hungry for radical change, who want to live proud in the mission and vision they show up for everyday. I work with companies who are struggling with distrust, apathy and lack of innovation. I help them re-invent their company where everyone can feel the unified pulse of a powerful legacy, mission and vision.

Minding Your Company™

Do you deeply desire radical transformation in your company’s leadership and teams?


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Man who is doing his True Will has the inertia of the Universe to assist him Aleister Crowley

Minding Your Self™

I believe in the transformative power of the human spirit, the creative power of mind to shape our reality and the transcendent power of human connection. The more we learn about our own spirit, how to grow our innovative mind and how to healthfully navigate human dynamics the more we have the power to shift them. We all can make bold and grounded decisions on the path to transformation.

Minding Your Self™

Each of us has an amazingly potent and unique gift to bestow upon this world. This includes you!


Inner Game Discovery Session

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We don’t need education reformation. We need education transformation. Randy Barron

Minding Your Classroom™

Let’s create a classroom culture of highly innovative teachers and students who ignite curiosity and deep learning in each other and cohesively strive for excellence and kindness from a place of self-lead leadership.

Minding Your Classroom™

Wear your inner Leader like a cape and be your own superhero!

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