I see the gap between how you see yourself now and what greatness you are capable of and I can help you bridge that gap.

Transformational Coaching

Each of us has an amazingly potent and unique gift to bestow upon this world. This includes you!  Each of us has the ability to shine bright, do greatness greatly and live our most healthful prosperous life.

Powerful strategies for Success:

Through implementing a truly full spectrum approach to transformation the amazing packages and programs I have created will invite you into a world of feel good, results driven discovery.  One on one  sessions and all the extras swill explore hands-on practices with powerfully proven, amazingly effective strategies and tools for staying intentional and clear, move you toward creative action and launch you onto the path of fulfillment. We will be doing some powerful work together that is uniquely designed just for you!  At the end of our time together you will easefully and confidently implement the tools you gained to continue on your powerful path. You will Buzz and Hum through your days !

Thoughts on sharing this experience with you:

I believe that going deep is much more effective than going wide which is why I prefer to work with you for a minimum of three months.  This ensures that we get at the core of your beliefs and challenges and attain results to catapult you into your best life ever!


A divinely inspired being bridging the worlds between the metaphysical and the
physical in such a straightforward and practical fashion, while also exuding the
love and vulnerability that is necessary in order to be a most effective teacher.
Joining with her experiences through Get Lit has broadened my awareness,
expanded my consciousness, and tickled my funny bones more times than I can
count. Her authenticity and genuine passion to continue evolving is forever an
inspiration to me. Fiercely fabulous is an understatement.
Tracey Ledebur http://www.cafepress.com/deluciousdesigns

Your VISION and your self-willingness is the MOST powerful elements to conquer your goal Rashedur Ryan Rahman

Individual Coaching

Please be in touch to schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Discovery Session

In this session we will turn up the volume on your intuition and creativity-banish self doubt and discover your true north!

Create a sense of clarity around who you want to become.
Discover Essential Transformational building blocks to uncover your hidden talents and dreams.
Determine your #1 saboteur that holds you captive.
Identify your most powerful actions step.
Complete our session knowing EXACTLY what to do next.


I had the honor of engaging with Rebecca in a on-one coaching session regarding an extremely fragile and time sensitive issue.  Her ability to intuitively dive deep underneath the apparent issue and quickly get to the crux of what was really going on helped me set a strategy in place immediately.  I overcame my fear and got clear and grounded in order to have a difficult conversation with someone I care for and deeply respect.

Chrissy Carew, Hall of Fame Master Certified&Board Certified Coach crissycarew.com

We are all just one tweak away from greatness…

Group Coaching

Get Your Fears In Order Group Coaching Program

12 week Get Your F.E.A.R.S™ In Order group coaching program.  Starting in February we will meet in a virtual intimate group to dive deep into the exploration, discovery and clearing of the fears and limiting beliefs that keep us playing small and sabotage our growth. This program will you clean out your self saboteurs, get clear about the authentic you, identify your fears and use them to catalyze your growth and build the muscle of radical change and growth.

This Program is for you:

 If fear is:

  • Overriding your ability to expand and grow
  • Breeding anxiety and overwhelm
  • Disabeling you from living your authentic Self

But you are willing to:

  • Be radically honest with yourself about your limiting stories
  • Know how powerful the support of an intimate group can be
  • Take the journey to your empowered Self
  • Be gentle in the face of transformation

Contact me if you are interested in transforming Fear into Fierce!


Rebecca’s skill set is an amazing amalgam of gifts and graces. From dancer to yogi to corporate consultant to life coach, to prolific writer—she is the perfect package for this faster than light millenial-centric world in which immediacy is already old news and interpersonal dynamics are as important as the bottom line. Rebecca is a consciousness raiser and natural born leader. She has been a cohesive force in every venue of her sojourn here. She is a team player and a team builder. Most of all she comes straight from the heart. Ravi Singh & Ana Brett Authors of The Kundalini Yoga Book – Life in the Vast Lane