Powerful Presentations

You too can present powerfully

It is a daunting task to create a presentation that is deeply engaging, exciting and content driven. I have created a powerfully efficient system that will address what I know to be the four key components in creating and presenting a Powerful Workshop.

Working together:

Initial Assessment:  Scope of project+level of presentation ease= determine the intensity and length of our project

Project Flow: The duration and frequency of working together will be determined by your deadline and scope of project.

Rehearsal: A half day deep dive into working out all the content and presenter kinks.  I promise this will be fun and enlivening.  This can be done virtually or in person.

Tweaks and Refining: Once you have presented we will watch it together, assess where improvements need to be made. We will refine the presentation in a deep dive session.  This will include both content and performance.  Again, fun!

Powerful Presentations Blueprint

Key Components

 Below is a brief summary of the four focus areas that we will work on to create your Powerful Presentation.

Developing Content: “It is both an art and a science to create content that is engaging, understandable and high value.”

Personal Presentation Blueprint: “We must be brave enough and trust in ourselves enough to let our essence shine bright to inspire others.”

 Audience Engagement: “Deep learning and understanding cannot happen without a personal connection to the material.”

Relational Dynamics: “There is a constant exchange of energy between you and your audience, without that exchange there is nothing.”

Public Speaking is the number one fear in America. Death is number two.

As someone who has spent her life in front of people performing, facilitating, speaking, coaching and lecturing I know what it feels like to be fully empowered in the moment of connecting with my content and my audience. In the virtual world I have developed trainings and seminars and broadcasted weekly for a daunting two hours on my own show for the international network, Conscious Consumers Network. But in the beginning it felt more like anxiety, fear and falling on my face. And believe it or not I am an introvert…aptly re-trained as an extroverted-introvert.

What you will gain from Powerful Presentations Coaching:

Create densely rich and highly understandable power points that look great too  + Unlock your signature presentation style

Discover your personal ease and flow in your physical body and your vocal delivery + Create dynamic highly engaging content that authentically connects to your audience

Develop your leadership quotient where your personality and passion shine through  + Establish yourself as the expert and look like a pro even if you are just beginning

Additionally In a workshop setting:     Watch yourself and get more comfortable +  Tips of the trade and feedback to look like a pro even if you are just beginning  +  A template for presentations and a better understanding of how to shape your content   +  Lots of practice in front of a small safe group.

People will remember you by how you connect with them

“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.” – Lilly Walters

Reach out to if you would like to know more or schedule a session to begin conquering your fear and creating a Powerful Presentation!