The Destination IS Kinda the Point

I believe in the transformative power of the human spirit, I believe in the power of mind to create our reality and I believe in the transformative power of human connection. The more we learn about our own spirit, how to grow our mind and how to healthfully navigate human dynamics the more we have the power to shift them. To make bold and grounded decisions on the path to our ‘big picture life’. I am still working on cultivating patience with others who cannot see this. Who don’t believe this. With diligence and focus anyone can answer the calling of their dreams and Aspirations. And if you don’t think you can clean it up and pull it together, take it from me, my life has been messy. If I can clean it up so can you!

Life is a series of forks in the road- moment to moment decisions. I know that sounds cliché but at any given moment ask yourself…is this fork in the road leading to the ‘small picture life’ or the ‘big picture life’. You just need to get clear, or relatively clear about what your big picture is. It is because I got clear about this several years ago and continued to polish that window through meditation and mindset practices that the sacrifices I made although brutal in their moments, would lead to something so much more. On blind faith, I knew this! I have made many sacrifices. I took the fork that led away from Lily and I purchasing our dream home to squat in a friend’s house for a year to build a new business. I took the fork that led away from a relationship that would have served my need for safety but would not have served my daughter or my desire for growth. I took the fork in the road that led away from social time with friends and vacations so that I could diligently study my mind and spirit extensively to garner the power to shift it. I took the fork that led away from a thriving self made business into one that dropped my income by more than half and catapulted me into a two year empty wallet spin in solitude and learning.

And the biggest fork in the road before I even knew that I had the strength and courage to journey down the ‘big picture road’ was the sacrifice I made that led me away from Lily’s father when she was less than 2 years old because…that is no way to live, that’s why. Financially supporting and raising my daughter on my own has not always been easy. Oh, who am I kidding- there has not been a single moment that it has been easy and I have not always been at my best but I have grown from it and having the courage and faith to take the ‘big picture’ road has led to this very moment in time which is an amazing one.

The saying goes: it’s all about the journey not the destination. Whaaaaat?! That is just crazy talk! I am not discounting the journey because I am the Lewis and Clark of the internal landscape. The journey IS the growth, the discovery, the workout. But if you journey and never arrive then what is the point? What is the point of continually wandering through beautiful landscapes and never anchoring yourself in the most amazing spot? What is the point of feeding your soul and your spirit if you cannot feed yourself or your family. The protestant work ethic has killed our spirit, I get that but there is a sweet spot somewhere between Buddha on the mountain and being a slave to society. And it loops back to the question I asked earlier- What is your ‘big picture’ destination and what does your ‘big picture road’ look like? What calculated sacrifices are you willing to make to rest proud and full of life on your next plateau?

In order to up level your life and land in a place of power and authenticity one must have the courage to walk the ‘big picture path’. One must internalize a mindset of faith in oneself and the universe. Up leveling your life is a scary thing. For two years I hung on white knuckled to the edge of the next plateau hoping to GOD that when I finally had the strength to pull myself all the way up and stand strong on my new terra firma there would actually be something other than a vast expanse of NOTHING to lay my gaze upon (news flash: there is!). If you take the time to cultivate power of mind, richness of spirit and connections that fuel your journey down the ‘big picture road’ you will always arrive, without fail at your next beautiful plateau. It won’t always be easy. It’s not called sacrifice for nothing but you will get there. I am living proof of this.

I have arrived at- not my last- but definitely my most authentic and beautiful plateau to date and I owe it in large part to the calculated forks in the road I took. The diligent focus and practice of cultivating power of mind and richness of spirit cleared the way to make ‘big picture road’ decisions. But I have to tell you folks, the secret sauce, the magic ingredient that landed me here today was human connection. That was the hardest lesson of all for me to integrate. I am good at Buddha on the mountain, scary good. But ask me to ask you for support, forget it. During an extended meditative practice focusing on manifesting support from known and unknown sources people began appearing in my life that I never knew existed. People I had absolutely no prior connection with showed up big. Hugely successful, brilliant, generous, heart centered people showed up and rolled out the metaphorical red carpet. People with whom I could play crazy big! Who welcomed all that I am and all that I do into their world. My intuition drew me to them and continually guided me to stay in the game. To keep saying yes even though I did not know the end result. All of my diligent focus and consistent spiritual practice allowed me to have faith that it would be something much bigger and more profound than my little mind could dream up. And it is big, huge huge big! I have made almost more money in the past 4 months than my best year ever, and every moment has been pure bliss. And guess what folks, what intuitively drove me toward these people was not about money. There was initially no money on the table. We just kept showing up and the money eventually showed up too. I know, I did that taboo thing just now and mentioned money but we live in the real world and money is the energetic litmus for a certain kind of success. So yeah me!!!! But it’s not about the money because I have made money the old fashioned way (see slave to society above) and at the end of the year there is always a deficit in both my financial and spiritual bank.

Point being: success is fundamentally about living your authentic life. Happiness and peace is the great equalizer not money. As I always say, if success to you is quitting your job and making soap than you are all the richer for it. My new mission in life is to create a world where every human being has the tools in place and the faith to manifest their version of a rich life! In a nutshell I guess I could have just said that!

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