When all members feel that they are – or can become – organizational leaders, they come to see themselves as agents of positive change and feel empowered to create the future they desire Zingerman (2010)

Minding Your Company™

Minding Your Business™ knows that when an organization’s teams are not in alignment with a powerful company mission performance and results becomes deflated. The company as a whole or parts of the whole are not working together in a synergistic way. Minding Your Business™, founded by Rebecca Hahn knows the way through your multitude of organizational challenges. Rebecca brings concrete tools, powerful strategies and a bit of magic to create company wide transformation. Her secret sauce is delivering on re-inventing your company’s mission where all employees are stake holders in it’s success. Rebecca focuses on implementing high level programs and facilitation that anchor lasting change, one-one and team in depth exploration and opening the doors to forward movement.

You are in the right place if..

This is your struggle

Do you feel like your company’s mission and vision is dead in the water?

Does your company feel like it has lost it’s core values?

Do your employees live in fear of expressing themselves?

Do judgment and competition weigh out over collaboration and innovation?

Do your teams avoid the heat and friction and messy-ness that serves the co-creative process?

Do you feel like no matter what, you cannot harvest the best from your teams?

As a leader are you exhausted by micromanaging?


This is where you dream to be

Embody powerful team cohesion anchored in Trust, Empathy, Intuition, Creative Instinct and Integrity.

Engage deeply with others taking company aspirations to audacious heights.

Make strong quick decisions from a place of wisdom and knowledge.

Sustain the creative flow of innovation & co-creation.

Deliver Invention not just intention.

Respond with entrepreneurial energy.

Choose Exploration over Hesitation.

Improve ROI a thousand fold by dramatically decreasing the time in which your teams respond to and evolve innovative ideas.

Ignite Trust & Innovation Trainings…

Bring Your Dream Teams to Life

Re-write your companies DNA

Lead by leveraging future success

Key in on harvesting the leadership genes in all employees

Integrate tools to deliver Invention not just intention

Unleash team wide entrepreneurial energy

Build the  Exploration over Hesitation muscle

Map out personalized roadmaps that respond to and evolve innovative ideas

Rewire your Leadership neural networks

Discover the Flow gene to rapidly and effortlessly adapt to change

Lets have a conversation!

Reach out to schedule a Leadership Discovery Session

In this complimentary session we will:

Create a sense of clarity about the company and the teams you really want to have
Discover the essential building blocks for having the fully engaged team of your dreams
Determine the #1 thing stopping you from having the leadership qualitites you want
Identify the most powerful actions that will move you toward the company culture you desire
Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the highly motivated, trsuting and engaged teams you truly want.

An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it. — Bill Bernbach,

Creativity Helms the Transformation Ship

The creative process is like taking a journey into undiscovered wild lands. To become a highly innovative engaged team one must become the Lewis and Clark of their internal landscape and connect deeply with others to reach a presently unknown destination. One must be brave enough to traverse this messy and often times disorienting journey. And as with any epic journey into uncharted lands we want to map the journey, noting the most important landmarks, the guideposts and the final destination achieved.
I have developed multiple roadmaps and trainings to get you where you need to go. I am here to help you and your company gain the navigational tools to make the journey toward exceptional!

Contact me to learn more about our trainings, assessments and customized programs.