Our first question about children should not be ‘How can we make them do what we want?’ but rather, ‘What do they require in order to flourish, and how can we provide these things. Alfie Kohn

Minding Your Classroom™

Transforming your school one classroom at a time

A little bit about Minding Your Classroom Series

Transforming Classroom Culture: The mission and passion of Minding Your Business™ Classroom series is to create a classroom culture of highly innovative teachers and students who ignite curiosity and deep learning in each other and cohesively strive for excellence and kindness from a place of self-lead leadership.

These workshops and in classroom coaching sessions focus on applying neuroscience methods, incorporating mindfulness practices, integrating aspects of innovation and creativity and developing 21st Century Leadership skills. The art and science behind the magic of these workshops literally rewires the brain for lasting learning, innovative thinking and cooperative group work. Your classrooms will not miss a moment of content because all of the trainings are embedded into the frameworks of the Common Core Standards and Classroom learning and behavioral goals.

Classroom Culture Transformation Trainings and Coaching:

Educational Professional Development:

  • No Child Left on Their Behind™
  • The Choreography of Calm™
  • The Choreography of Creativity and Conversations™
  • The Choreography of Leadership, Learning and Creativity™
  • The Choreography of Creativity™
  • Get Your Fears in O.R.D.E.R™
  • Movement 101™
  • Shades of Meaning Through Movement™

We are brilliant in our humanity and

All have a Leader within.

We can create a classroom culture where all students no matter learning styles or personality styles can work together calmly and cohesively, build on and co-create their own learning experience and act with integrity and kindness to all.


How do we cultivate

The 21st Century Student

Minding Your Classroom™ trainings and classroom coaching addresses the fourfold challenges that are faced by teachers and students every day in the classroom.

Empathy, Trust and Mindfulness

Clear Communication and Expression

Creativity and Innovation


The Choreography of Leadership, Learning and Creativity™

The Choreography of Leadership/Learning/Creativity™ (CLLC Model) is a series of workshops that were developed over many years of working in the classrooms. In these workshops we learn to teach self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, conflict management, team work, leadership and relationship.