Juggling Cats!

I have moved from fear to Fierce! Thank goodness! Fear is not a place we want to visit for very long. Some of you may know that recently I was almost paralyzed be fear and doubt surrounding building this new business. By taking right action, allowing myself to get messy with it and pushing myself every moment of everyday past my comfort zone I finally have broken through the fear into fearless. I am working with two amazing mentors, building my website and programs, just started a certification program and have been invited into a training with two Harvard professors who focus on the neuroscience of positivity and leadership. I know I am such a geek. I am juggling cats as the saying goes, probably 7 more than is recommended. Did I ever tell you I suck at juggling. But instead of those cats caterwauling, clawing each other and dive bombing me desperately digging their claws into my jugular hanging on for dear life… they are happily flying through the air, playing with each other and purring. Good kitties! Lily is adjusting too. She is the best kitty of them all!

I used to wake in the morning and my first thought was “God I can’t wait until it is time to go to sleep tonight.” It was not a statement bourn of depression but one bourn from burnout and not living 100% from my heart. I loved what I did, was pretty much my own boss and was successful. I was really good at it, was doing really important work, building great trainings and coaching and consulting with amazing people. But I probably was experiencing only 60-70% of my divine alignment on this career path. I know that seems like a really high percentage of heart investment in a career. I should have loved it, right? But again because of that small percentage that was dreaming of a slightly different path combined with overextending myself I just wanted to get through the day and then collapse.

Now I wake in the morning (4:30 am today to be exact) and I think, “oh my, there are not enough hours in this day to explore all that I am excited about.” I know that sounds totally annoying and I probably should make up a cheer routine to go with it. But think about it…just pause for a moment. Think on this…it is our birthright, our divine contract in this lifetime to live from our heart, to live our love. To walk through each day expanding toward our greatness, whatever that may be for you. It may be something simple or it may be saving the world. Either way if you live your love you will be saving the world anyway.

Would you rather contract in life or expand toward life? Take it from me, someone who has been on both sides, you want to choose the latter. And believe me if I can discover this so can you. I am as fearful and stubborn as they come. And this shift for me is nothing short of a miracle. I have had many amazing career paths and experiences in my life but this is by far the most authentic expression of living my love to date. And since I have been my own science experiment most of my life I have some amazing tools to share with you if you also desire to gently tweak your life to live your love. There are some fantastic suprises awaiting you when the business officially launches. I hope you will find them of value and come along for this ride with me. I would love to have your continued company and support on this -living my love and yours-path. Besides it will help me not fall on the floor crying and whining about how I suck and can’t do this!

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