Classroom Transformation™ Programs

If you teach today‘s students, as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow. John Dewey

The mission and passion of Minding Your Business™ Classroom series is to create a classroom culture of highly innovative teachers and students who ignite curiosity and deep learning in each other and cohesively strive for excellence and kindness from a place of self-lead leadership.

A full day or half day PD will be partnered with 2-3 days of classroom demonstration and coaching during each visit. You may choose or combine any of the workshops in the series to best fit your establishment’s needs. We can also create a training if you have specific needs that are not addressed through the PD’s that have been previously developed. We can modify the time and the length of trainings and coaching session to suit the needs of your schools tight schedule. Do not hesitate to reach out. We can make anything work!

Students will:

  • Become more receptive to ideas.
  • Develop their ability to engage with others and their surroundings in a more focused and cohesive manner.
  • The receptivity and calm states result from the removal of internal and external distractions.
  • Ignites the Prefrontal Cortex and the Visual Cortex.
  • Allows one to be still enough to notice and take in details gross and subtle.
  • Help restore and regenerate our nervous system in order to modulate and regulate emotions, feelings and social interaction.
  • Create skill sets around clear communication and expression of ideas.
  • Rewire the brain for high level innovation and co-creation.
  • Develop Leadership behaviors and self modulation.

You can’t use up creativity, the more you use it the ore you have. Maya Angelou

Wow! What a wonderful presentation. Many of the strategies described here are all new to me, so I’m taking it all in and am eager to learn more about it. This has opened a whole new world to me. Thanks!


Wow I loved every minute of this presentation. I will definitely take away the 5 c’s back to my classroom after the break. Thanks!


I appreciate the information on common core and how using the 5C’s help children to accomplish what they are being asked to do.

Arts Integration Trainings and Coaching

Movement 101™: Fundamentals of incorporating movement strategies into the classroom environment.

Description of Workshop: Participants will gain a general overview and fundamental skills using basic dance/movement concepts to incorporate into all aspects of classroom culture. Participants will explore these concepts with the framework of assessment, curriculum and classroom climate.

No Child Left on Their Behind™: Applying essential of movement strategies into curriculum based learning and the Common Core.

Description of Workshop: How can adding dance/movement based strategies across pre-existing curriculum to ignite lasting meaning in all learners? We will be exploring evolving objective in both Dance and Science and Dance and Language Arts. How can I use dance/movement based strategies with my classroom create a cohesive classroom environment? We will explore how adding a constructivist kinesthetic classroom model creates a cohesive calm classroom environment. Participants will explore these concepts with the framework of efficient and accurate assessment, content and curriculum, MI and classroom climate.

Shades of Meaning Through Movement™: Exploring Movement and Dance Standards with Evolving Objectives in Language Arts.

An in depth training of Arts Integration strategies exploring and incorporating all aspects of kinesthetic learning strategies into evolving Language Arts objectives. We will focus heavily on inferencing, shades of meaning in words, building personal meaning with vocabulary and building descriptive sentences. Teachers will gain practical and adaptive knowledge of utilizing dance and movement concepts and language to incite deep long lasting learning.

Brilliant !! One of the main problems that I deal everyday with my little pupils is their hyperness and short focus span. This session helped me understand what exactly causes that and how it can be mended.

WOW! This workshop was so much more than I thought it would be. Love this type of mindfulness instead of traditional behavioral strategies. So appreciate the idea that we are working toward a collective goal to help everyone in the classroom be mindful.

Fantastic, jam-packed full of ideas session! Thank you!

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. Ignacio Estrada

Classroom Transfomration Training and Coaching

These workshops focus on the applying neuroscience methods, incorporating mindfulness practices, integrating aspects of innovation and creativity and developing 21st Century Leadership skills.

Choreography of Calm: The first in the three part series builds the foundation for more complex transformative work. It is designed to cultivate deepened awareness, concentration, and insight. We will be reorganizing and regenerating the often blown out nervous systems of our students. This workshop and coaching is designed to quiet habitual chatter of the mind to cultivate a capacity for deepened awareness, concentration, and insight. When implementing these strategies in the classroom it reduces reactivity and promotes a state of calm. We will explore intentional teaching methods that integrate the practice of mindfulness to innovatively meet the particular needs of today’s students.

 Choreography of Creativity: The second workshop in the CLLC series focuses on igniting new neural pathways in the Pre Frontal Cortex and the Visual Cortex. In order to ignite a personalized lasting learning experience for any type of learner students must build the visualization muscles in the brain and anchor this in their bodies through the kinesthetic process. We will learn and integrate strategies for making meaning and connections through content. Participants will learn a kinesthetic based constructivist method of brainstorming, building meaning/lasting learning and assessment. Teachers will learn to guide students to anchor learning, make connections across content, develop clear thinking and expression of ideas.

Choreography of Leadership/Learning/Creativity: The final and most comprehensive training in the three part series. How can we help students become accountable for their own behavior, learning, emotional regulation and self/other awareness? In this workshop we will synthesize strategies from previous workshops and go deeper into transforming the classroom culture. We will explore strategies to create innovative highly engaged group learning. You will learn strategies to create a classroom culture of students that are highly adaptive, think clearly under pressure, express ideas and hear others, build on shared ideas and work in self-directed ways. Time tested leadership, teamwork and accountability frameworks will be integrated so that success in transforming the classroom culture will be anchored and sustained.


I loved this training.  What really struck home for me was the concept of “we tell our children all the time to pay attention, yet we never teach them how.”

It is rare for a workshop to incorporate the Common Core, the neuroscience behind behavior and how we can motivate positive behavior all couched in arts based learning.  Wow!

The in-classroom demo’s and coaching were of such high value to bring the teachings in the workshops home for us!