To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationship, which depends on the quality of the conversation. Everything happens through conversations! Judith E. Glaser Author of Conversational Intelligence, CEO of the Creating We Institute

What an exciting time in history!

Through the work of hundreds if not thousands of neuroscientists, psychologists, and practitioners of Conversational Intelligence®, we are learning how human beings process language and conversations in the brain.

We are living in a very exciting time in history as we discover more about neuroscience and the impact it has on our conversations. Technological advances in neuroscience give us the ability to look inside our brains while we’re having conversations to reveal what is going on and why. Research has shown that both humans and businesses thrive in environments that foster trust and promote collaboration. We are now learning from the world of neuroscience that conversations are vital to our individual and team health and productivity as well as re-envisioning our company culture. We are moving from a world of the individual I to a world of collective We. When applying the ‘Neuroscience of WE™’ to any key business challenge, leaders and teams can now elevate levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation, and significantly impact the bottom line.

Conversational Intelligence®  has the game changing power to strengthen relationships, transform teams and shape the future of organizations.

We work with organizations and leaders who want to push the envelope, pioneer, and shape the quality and consequences of the conversations in their organizations from territorial to vital, with a direct impact on the growth of their organizations and on the bottom line. Judith E. Glaser

C-IQ® is making history!

Rebecca Hahn has the honor of partnering with Judith Glaser in developing and launching her C-IQ coach certification program. It is an exciting time in the coaching industry as Judith codifies her 30 years of work, research and best selling books into a brilliant Coaching Certification program.

Rebecca is the Chief Co- Advising Partner in Global Development for Conversational Intelligence® and a proud partner of the Creating WE® Institute. The Creating We® Institute, founded by Judith Glaser is an international group of consultants, practitioners, leaders, neuro-scientists and critical-thinkers committed to harvesting authentic engagement and radical innovation in the workplace. We focus on business results, positive change and sustainability. The Creating WE® Institute guides leaders to create the conditions that deepen trust and enable success, which results in reshaping the workplace culture from one that is I-centric to one that is WE-centric.

Conversations have the power to transform relationships and shift cultures yet 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark. Judith Glaser

C-IQ® is all about

Transparency, Trust and Presence -Conversational Intelligence® gives you the tools to move from distrustful, unproductive exchanges to elevated quality conversations in the moment for high trust and deep connection. . We can activate trust and build positive relationships by listening to connect not judge or reject and practicing being transparent and honest.

Intuition and wisdom– Discover your own blind spots and develop keen awareness and sensitivities toward others. Fine tuning your gut (intuition) and seeing the patterns in human dynamics can make even the most difficult conversations feel valuable and important to your collective growth.

Positive Intention and Impact. Conversational Intelligence® is learnable. You can learn how to gauge your impact and shift your influence positively. It’s not just about how smart we are, but how open we are to learning new and effective powerful conversational rituals that help us get in front of the curve and prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success. These are conversations that reduce resistance and anxiety and create positive energy. We become acutely aware of how our intention meets our impact and why.

Conversations Agility –It is a competence that can be cultivated and it’s necessary to build healthier, more resilient organizations in the face of radical change. To master Conversational Agility is to self-regulate our own neurochemistry and our emotions, and co-regulate our interaction and language with others. We can shift our mindset and rewire the brain enabling us to have extraordinary, transformational conversations with others.

Transforming culture and elevating the bottom line- We are in a time where we are co-creating new identities as individuals and as organizations. Evolution is demanding that we transform who we are and how we do business in order to stay viable in today’s multi-faceted experience driven economy. We can engage the brain in ways to best manage change, harvest the best gifts and talents and harness sustainable transformation company wide. Even when the pressure is on and the risks are high we can activate the Synchronizing gene in our company to elevate individuals, teams and whole organizations.

Conversational Intelligence® has the tools and strategies to build Trust, Transparency Intuition and Wisdom in individuals and organizations.  Positive Intention/Impact and Conversational Agility are elevated through C-IQ the resulting in the transformation of your company culture.

How we can bring C-IQ to you

If you are interested in applying Conversational Intelligence® to your life or organization there are several ways we can make that happen

  • Consulting with organizational leaders and teams to up-regulate their cultural conversations, elevate their C-IQ and transform performance.
  • Facilitating workshops, trainings and coaching programs for leaders, Development staff and teams to integrate C-IQ into their performance goals.
  • Speaking at events to large and small groups about C-IQ leaning heavily on tools and strategies focusing on neuroscience, trust and the Conversational Essentials.
  • Coaching clients in deep discovery and co-creation to help them transform their relationships, partnerships, teams, and their organization through integrating C-IQ tools, strategies and rituals.

Please reach out to learn more about Conversational Intelligence® and our upcoming training programs.