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Leave Your Coach Self at the Door

If you are a coach or someone who is passionate about human growth I suspect that you are the person in your family that sees the unseen, hears the unsaid and speaks the unspoken.  The muse, mediator and delegate all in one.  Many people who move toward coaching as a career are just this sort. It bodes […]

The Ripples Through Time

I don’t usually share long winded stories on here but I feel compelled. This is a story of how profoundly and deeply our actions can impact someone’s life and we may never even know it. I recently reconnected with a very close friend from my teens and early twenties. He was so special to me. […]

70th Anniversary of Decimation

The drone footage of Auschwitz is being far to kind in my opinion. Over 11 million murdered. Over 1 million murdered 70 years ago on this very spot. My Grandmother was one of the very few to survive. Her name was Lily. She was a tall, curvaceous, fairest of fair skinned, fiery redheaded Hungarian. Think […]

Juggling Cats!

I have moved from fear to Fierce! Thank goodness! Fear is not a place we want to visit for very long. Some of you may know that recently I was almost paralyzed be fear and doubt surrounding building this new business. By taking right action, allowing myself to get messy with it and pushing myself […]

How the Common Core is not so Common

I know you are thinking an opinion piece from me, no surprise! I have heard much outcry and confusion lately about the Common Core and our failing education system. I would like to weigh in. So here is my two cents…well actually twelve. The Common Core fundamentally, in it’s essence is a good thing. Yes […]

The Destination IS Kinda the Point

I believe in the transformative power of the human spirit, I believe in the power of mind to create our reality and I believe in the transformative power of human connection. The more we learn about our own spirit, how to grow our mind and how to healthfully navigate human dynamics the more we have […]