About Rebecca Hahn

What lights me up about my work is knowing that I can impart wisdom, innovation and intuition to my clients so that they may stand strong in the face of radical growth and make decisions that propel them and their organizations to audacious heights.

People hire me for my power to uncover their greatest blind spots, they pay me for my razor sharp intuition and they stay with me because of our heart connection and break through results.

rebeccahahnI am fiercely committed to guiding leaders and teams toward systemic dynamic change and growth to achieve razor sharp intuition, deep connection with others and a thriving spirit of co-innovation.

I am also fiercely committed to your personal growth; building your authentic internal compass, razor sharp intuition and unwavering trust in SELF.
My intention is to develop leaders who share a passion to make a difference in their organizations and the world so they can live their legacy right now and for each of us on a personal level to live our most powerful and authentic self.

Every day we are faced with challenges and decisions that could drastically change the landscape of our business and our life. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could look at those harrowing decisions, tap into your gut wisdom and the wisdom of your teams and take action without a kernel of doubt, knowing your collective decision would lead to unbridled success? The landscape of your organization, your team’s productivity and your life would look and feel very different. I can get you there. Every decision I have ever made using my intuition has led to huge success that has flowed with creative ease and absolute clarity.

I have been described as a “lightning bolt” by some and a “soul speaker” by others. No matter the description, clients stand strong in the face of dynamic change and growth that flow with ease when working together. Most notably clients develop the “it” factor merging razor sharp intuition, illuminated leadership and innovative strategies that make a huge impact in the legacy of their organizations. I know how to tap into the intuitive wisdom that lives in all of us.

My path to become a Conscious Leadership Coach and Human Development activist became clear at an early age. I did not speak until I was three.  No joke! When my parents became concerned my doctor told them I was probably just taking it all in, saving it all up to give it back transformed one day.  True story! I realized at a young age that I see patterns in human dynamics like a mathematician sees patterns in numbers.  I could see the unseen and make meaning of it in ways foreign to others. I can point out the prolific pink elephant in the room in 8 seconds flat…sort of a party killer but really effective as a high level coach. Seeing those patterns allowed me to understand and navigate our world.  Never quite understanding how that talent fit into this world I dove deep into spirituality, science and the creative process to make meaning of it. After many years of exploration things finally make sense! Yeah! I now own my talent and I share this ninja skill with others. In a matter of seconds I can see 10 layers deep into exactly what the problems are for you, how to take bold action and how to innovate strategies for success.

My life has taken me down many amazing paths including a Masters Degree from UCLA in Somatic Psychology and Expressive Art Therapy, Director of a Non-profit, Lead Somatic Therapist in Psych Institutions in Los Angeles, producing and leading national yoga and mediation teacher trainings and building a successful consulting business focusing on Education and Leadership Transformation and Training. With over 20 years of experience in the fields of Mindfulness, neuroscience, creativity/innovation, whole brain learning, psychology, eastern philosophy and design thinking strategies I bring proven professional experience to address your challenges and worries. My mission and commitment is to help you become the leader and organization that will make intuitive and innovative decisions without second guessing yourself in the face of radical change and growth. I help guide you to re-envision your company mission and make a bold “leadershift” within.

Rebecca’s research and fieldwork has led to discoveries and professional trainings that leverage organizational strengths for sustainable transformation in the face of radical growth and change. Her work with groups and individuals in the field of self-transformation garners epic shifts for the people she works with. Her group coaching program Get Your Fears in O.R.D.E.R.™ is a powerful and systemized process for banishing blocks and self-sabotage and bravely lean into your authentic power.

I absolutely love and am at my most empowered place when I am in the flow with my clients. Whether doing the “in the moment” dance between coaching, facilitating, consulting or training I love being fully present and deeply connected in the discovery and co-creative process with the individuals and teams that I work with. What sets me apart from others is that I truly merge spirituality, neuroscience and creativity in innovative and generative ways. None are a side dish and all serve to coalesce and catapult your growth. My background in somatic psychology, arts based strategies and spirituality allow my trainings and coaching to build trust at the moment of contact and lay the foundation to anchor highly innovative co-creative cultures.

You can feel confident engaging me to guide you and your organization to innovate solutions for success. I have had the great fortune to consult for, coach and co-create with some of the world renowned change makers and thought leaders in their respective fields from yogi’s to educators to Executive Coaches. I have produced and facilitated year long Kundalini Yoga trainings for Ravi Singh and Ana Brett, consulted for elite educational companies like Focus 5 and am innovating and partnering with thought leader Judith Glaser, the Creating We Institute, Conversational Intelligence® and WBECS. I have had the great honor of working closely with and hosting Live Stream Shows on the international news platform of Conscious Consumers Network.

I have such huge gratitude for the remarkable things my clients share about the impact my work has on their life and business success.

My client’s often describe me as spooky intuitive, deeply compassionate and courageously honest with them. I often catch them with their mouth hanging open after I help uncover some great stumbling block that has been plaguing them for a lifetime. Whether working one-on-one with clients, as a leadership team facilitator, or as an inspiring speaker, my commitment is to guide clients to discover their own inner power and clarity and to use that to bravely connect in innovative and deep ways with others.

“A divinely inspired being, bridging the worlds between the metaphysical and the physical in such a straightforward and practical fashion, while exuding the love and vulnerability that is necessary in order to be a highly effective leader and coach.”

“She has broadened my awareness, expanded my consciousness and tickled my funny bone more times than I can count. Her authenticity and genuine passion to continue evolving is forever an inspiration to me. Fiercely fabulous is an understatement.”


Some things you would never know just by looking at me:

I am terrified to sing karaoke. Never have.

I have been a dancer and a yogi most of my life but am the most grounded in absolute stillness.

Can’t tell a joke to save my life but my friend’s and daughter think I am the silliest serious person they know.

My daughter when she was very young was convinced I was a vampire (pale skin black hair). She thought it was really cool to have a vampire mom.

I can binge out on everything pretzels and cream cheese, other than that I am a gluten free almost vegan. Life is about contradiction, yes?

My cottage out in the country on the coast of Lake Michigan is my Shangri La. Without it I would not be such a nice person. You are welcome.

My father passed away when I was 16 from a brain tumor. He was my spiritual home and mentor. I thank him every day for the opportunity to experience death as a journey not a destination. I would not be who I am today without this experience. It changed me profoundly in a beautiful way.

Praise and Testimonials

“Rebecca Hahn’s vibrant personality is a reflection of the enthusiasm and passion with which she engages her projects. It is very rare to be both strong and creative in the world of business, whilst still being able to factor in conscious business ethics.”

Conscious Consumer Network

“I had the opportunity to work on Rebecca’s team in co-creating ground breaking intellectual property for C-IQ. Rebecca’s leadership brought out out the very best in all of us. Rebecca is a very strong and caring leader who stretched us well beyond out preconceived limitations, guiding us to innovate and co-create at a high level. Rebecca has that special gift of keeping things full of humor and vibrancy, holding space for each teams members ideas and living in a deep place of honesty and respect for the group while pushing us toward brilliant solutions.”

Coach Chrissy Carew

“Rebecca’s skill set is an amazing amalgam of gifts and graces. From dancer to yogi to corporate consultant to life coach, to prolific writer—she is the perfect package for this faster than light millenial-centric world in which immediacy is already old news and interpersonal dynamics are as important as the bottom line. Rebecca is a consciousness raiser and natural born leader. She has been a cohesive force in every venue of her sojourn here. She is a team player and a team builder. Most of all she comes straight from the heart.”

Ravi Singh & Ana Brett Authors of The Kundalini Yoga Book – Life in the Vast Lane

“A divinely inspired being bridging the worlds between the metaphysical and the physical in such a straightforward and practical fashion, while also exuding the love and vulnerability that is necessary in order to be a most effective teacher. Joining with her experiences through Get Lit has broadened my awareness, expanded my consciousness, and tickled my funny bones more times than I can count. Her authenticity and genuine passion to continue evolving is forever an inspiration to me. Fiercely fabulous is an understatement.”

Tracey Ledebur Delucious Designs