Minding Your Company™

Do you deeply desire a radical transformation in your company’s leadership and teams?

Minding Your Self™

Are you hungry for personal breakthroughs, fully trusting in your Self and the decisions you make?

Minding Your Classroom™

Do you dream of transforming your classroom into a fun loving, super creative learning environment?

Society is the extension of the individual. For radical change, a better world, we need to change individually. Samael Weor

Minding Your Business

I myself am a change maker.  I coach individuals, leaderhsip and organizations who desire change because I am passionate about changing the world! I support your desire for radical transformation, radical transparency and radical trust in your SELF!

The complex challenges of the 21st Century require a different kind of coaching/facilitation than we have seen in the past. Minding Your Business was born out of the desire to bring a fully embodied and full spectrum approach to coaching and facilitation.

MYB coaching sets itself apart from other coaching systems in that mindfulness, neuroscience, creativity, body intelligence, emotional intelligence and relational intelligence work in concert with each other. As someone whose work is rooted in neuro-innovation, creativity, somatics and mindfulness I coach, facilitate and train with a deep understanding that sustainable transformation needs to be fully embodied as a way of being, not just a way of doing.

I come to you with over twenty years of exploration and experience in mindfulness, creativity/innovation, somatic psychology, design thinking strategies, whole brain learning, expressive art therapies, leadership strategies and neuroscience. I am passionate about using all of this expertise to co-create the SELF, leadership and organizations that you desire.

Some people see things as they are and say why. I see things that never were and say why not. G.B. Shaw

Once upon a time…


My path to become a Conscious Leadership Coach and Human Development activist became clear at an early age. I did not speak until I was three.  No joke! When my parents became concerned my doctor told them I was probably just taking it all in, saving it all up to give it back transformed one day.  True story! I realized at a young age that I see patterns in human dynamics like a mathematician sees patterns in numbers and I can point out the prolific pink elephant in the room in 8 seconds flat…sort of a party killer but really effective as a high level coach. Seeing those patterns allowed me to understand and navigate our world.  After a lifetime of exploration I now own my talent and I share this ninja skill with others. In a matter of seconds I can see 10 layers deep into exactly what the problems are for you, how to take bold action and how to innovate strategies for success.

Minding Your Business™ Consulting and Coaching deeply understands the creative power of the mind and how to tap into our instinct, intuition and awareness by becoming fully embodied. When we are operating in a state of holism and synergy with others, creativity and innovation have the power to unleash tremendous potential.  Only then can we ignite a “leadershift” within.

In order for companies to flourish in today’s complex and highly volatile marketplace, one must foster a workplace culture that embodies creativity and shared leadership. Innovation, collaborative inquiry and brilliant solutions emerge when we access the creative power of the mind to helm the ship of transformation. Through understanding and implementing neuroscience strategies, mindfulness practices, and the creative process we garner rapid results in transforming struggling leaders and teams into trusting, fully engaged innovators.

I help organizations and leaders develop mindfulness, trust, intuition, innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities to drastically improve ROI, adapt to change fluidly and develop cross team high level collaboration.

I help teachers and their students create highly engaged, creative, self led learning environments where everyone works together in a cohesive a caring culture.

I work with people just like you.  At the root of all of this is the Transformation of Self.  Whether working with you on-one privately or with your team or classroom, transformative coaching is always about the SELF first.

Rebecca’s skill set is an amazing amalgam of gifts and graces. From dancer to yogi to corporate consultant to life coach, to prolific writer—she is the perfect package for this faster than light millenial-centric world in which immediacy is already old news and interpersonal dynamics are as important as the bottom line. Rebecca is a consciousness raiser and natural born leader. She has been a cohesive force in every venue of her sojourn here. She is a team player and a team builder. Most of all she comes straight from the heart.
Ravi Singh & Ana Brett Authors of The Kundalini Yoga Book – Life in the Vast Lane

The Transformation of Self

I work with individuals who are struggling to uncover hidden brilliance and gifts. You hear the whispers of that tiny inner voice nudging you toward meaningful change but you lack the navigation system of transformation. I see the gap between how you see yourself now and what greatness you are capable of. I help you bridge the gap of inner wisdom and outer greatness.

Team Transformation

I work with teams who struggle with distrust, lack of engagement and cannot get on the same page.  I help them build trusting teams that are highly engaged, innovative and live in a shared vision.Take the journey toward whole team mindfulness, trust, innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities drastically improving ROI, adapt to change fluidly and develop cross team high level collaboration.

Leadership Transformation

Helm the ship of transformation, innovation, creativity and integrity. Take the journey to re-invent your company’s powerful mission and vision.

Education Transformation

Take the journey to create a classroom culture of highly innovative teachers and students who ignite curiosity and deep learning in each other and cohesively strive for excellence and kindness from a place of self-lead leadership.

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